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Meet Nordine Zouareg

Nordine Zouareg is a former Mr. Universe, coach, author, and speaker. He has helped over 10,000 clients around the world dig deep to find their InnerFitness®. With his extensive experience in the high-performance, wellness, and fitness fields — combined with his wisdom and intuitive approach to coaching — Nordine will uncover the root of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalance.


His client list includes celebrities, CEOs, politicians, business executives, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs who come from diverse backgrounds and have one thing in common: they need to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing. His proven holistic approach has helped many get unstuck by helping them identify and move past whatever was holding them back. Nordine has an innate ability to connect with groups and individuals to provide the energy, guidance, and support they need to succeed.

What would you accomplish if you could wake up every day full of passion instead of fear?

Start your journey with Nordine today to find out!

InnerFitness is an inspiring guide to the one thing we all want: peace of mind. Nordine Zouareg shows that we can all find healthy and long-lasting ways to surrender and finally let go of what is not conducive to our health and well-being. The stories he eloquently recounts are powerful reminders that we have the power to rise above fear, doubt, and anxiety. I strongly recommend it to all those committed to rekindling their passion for life.


John AssarafBestselling author of The Answer and world-leading mindset and behavioral expert

InnerFitness is a timely and much-needed addition to a nation struggling with mounting preventable physical and mental challenges that require new and innovative approaches.




Dr. Richard Carmona17th U.S. Surgeon General

A must-read for anyone interested in self-discovery and using that insight to reach their highest potential. I’ve known Nordine for 25 years, and InnerFitness is indeed his finest work.


Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.DBestselling author of Brain Longevity and Meditation as Medicine



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