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Who is Nordine Zouareg?

Nordine Zouareg is the founder of Executive InnerFitness®, which for the past decade has helped thousands of overworked US Corporate Executives find work-life balance. As a former two-time Mr. Universe champion, an acclaimed high-performance coach, wellness expert, and author of Mind Over Body (Grand Central Publishing, 2007), Nordine has made it his mission to provide effective and proven methods for maintaining both emotional and physical fitness. He has spent years understanding the unique pressures and stresses of working in high-performance fields and has used his knowledge to help people tap into their ability for peak performance and ward off stress and emotional chaos.

Born in the Saharan desert to Bedouin parents in war-torn Algeria, Nordine has overcome insurmountable obstacles to achieve success. With his new book, InnerFitness, Nordine wants to focus on emotional fitness. By looking at the five basic emotions that cloud and obstruct our desire to manifest our destiny, he offers advice on how to be present and aware of the emotional baggage that might impede your choice making. From personal experience, he knows how choices and decisions control destiny and mindset. In his new book, he wants to show readers how to gain awareness, find emotional clarity, and choose freedom over fear, success over self-sabotage, confidence over insecurity, and courage over passivity.

A Unique Philosophy

Health and wellness are hot topics of health news in America. There’s a lot of information out there on how to reduce stress, get in shape, and be healthy—but what experts have ignored is the deeper motivation necessary to live a healthy life. Nordine’s teachings will give you a plan that involves more than just diet and exercise. It will empower you to take control of your health once and for all.

One must prepare mentally before embarking on a life-transformation journey. Nordine will help you identify the enduring inner motivation that will keep you working toward and achieving your goals. He will show you how to inspire yourself and everyone around you as “fitness” is not only about being fit, looking good, and feeling great — but also about igniting a flame of inspiration in others.

Nordine knows that it can be overwhelming and sometimes discouraging. Like you, he read many books, listened to CDs, gone to transformational seminars, and so on. But he also spent decades studying and researching why people knew what they knew but failed to do it. Today and — more than ever before — we are facing hard times; fear, anxiety, and the lack of self-worth are threatening everything we do. As fear takes control, our behavior changes for the worse. We use spiritual substitutes such as comfort eating, alcohol, drugs, and even violence whether it is verbal or physical. We rationalize the things we shouldn’t be doing; we find excuses and we believe in them. This is what Nordine calls — falling into the abyss of a low level of existence.

You must transcend motivation to inspiration by building your self-worth and rising to a higher level of existence.

Nordine’s focus is to help you take the right action. Part of that will involve showing you how to rewire your brain for success, tapping into nature’s intelligence, learning the secrets of champions, and bringing out the genius within you so you can find harmony between personal and professional life. It’s possible to change your reality, but you must take action. As Byron Katie says it so eloquently: The mind asks questions and the heart has the answers.


Nordine is a sought-after speaker, he speaks on the topics of fitness, mindfulness and emotional clarity at international and national conferences, like the National Institute of Whole Health, The Global Wellness Summit in Italy and at the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers in Phoenix, AZ, to name a few. His message has resonated with thousands of his clients and businesses. He has been invited to talk to and run retreats by Olayan Group, LA Sports Club, Hilton Resorts and the Mental Health Foundation. He recently completed a retreat at Miraval called Create Your Optimum State of InnerFitness®.

For nearly a decade and as the Fitness Director at the legendary Miraval Life in Balance Spa, he applied his Mind Over Body and InnerFitness® which helped to make Miraval become rated the #1 Spa by Conde Nast Traveler, the #1 destination spa by Travel and Leisure, and the top spa in American by Zagat. He also worked as a personal fitness coach to celebrities like Oprah, Sugar Ray Leonard, Charlie Sheen and Barbara Streisand. 

When he isn’t writing, speaking, or coaching, you can find Nordine at home in Oro Valley, Arizona where enjoys his time with his teenage children, his spirituality and meditation practice, daily fitness, reading, cooking, travel, and encouraging those he meets to incorporate the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of being in their everyday plan to create a successful balanced and fulfilling life.

Nordine’s world travels have introduced him to several languages. He is fluent in English, French, and Italian.

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