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I can tell you I have! My family, my friends, and everyone I know have experienced the negative ramifications of a devastating 2020.

The rising mental health crisis caused by the pandemic, a dividing and toxic political landscape, and a staggering unemployment rate — not to mention the damaging effects of alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, and unhealthy eating habits created by self-isolation and quarantines — are all set to leave a negative imprint in our subconscious that will last for years to come.

Yes, we all felt the earth shake!! And it’s still shaking!

“It’s a dangerous mess we’re in dad!” my son keeps on telling me, and he’s only 18. I have to agree with him, but all things considered, I must admit that his assertion is modest. I know that our children are dangerously affected by all this and it is why I’m dedicating all my time and energy to helping create global awareness so they can have a better understanding and a better coping mechanism to deal with the craziness of this world.

Since the pandemic started, and because of tremendous loss, I’ve had to reflect upon my own life and revisit both its professional and personal aspects. I can practice what I preach — which helps me, and my family to get back on track, thus realize we’re grateful for each other.

While I won’t deny the mental, emotional, and physical stress these events have caused us, it has also been a powerful reminder that we need to rise above and connect to a higher level of existence — where we can be one with the mind, body, and spirit.

Easier said than done, you’re thinking…

It’s easy to have faith when everything is working just fine, but much harder when we are facing challenges. What if I told you, it’s not that hard at all! Our brain likes to go places where negativity and hopelessness are hindering our ability to reach or maintain inner peace — but when that happens, we must turn the light back on. Most of the time, the switch is right there in front of us.

We must return to sanity by practicing what I call InnerFitness. Realigning all aspects of our lives (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) is a very powerful step to overcoming fear, doubt, anxiety, and achieve long-lasting health and wellbeing.

There is no magic pill!

It is by choosing harmony and creating equilibrium between what I call The Four Pillars of Mindful Fitness that you’ll be able to experience a higher level of existence, enjoy true peace of mind, and live a healthier and happier life.

I don’t offer a magic pill you can take to feel better, no, instead I ask you to use your natural ability to overcome challenges, and by doing that you’ll be able to choose courage over fear, hope over doubt, and passion over anxiety, thus embracing and practicing InnerFitness.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and practice InnerFitness®