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You can’t spot reduce, that’s a fact! Men store fat around their waist, while women keep it around their hips. There is no exercise or magic pill, or anything else other than liposuction, that will remove fat from a certain area of your body. The abdominal belt is the first-place fat builds up and in the last place, it’s burned. The best way to get and keep a flat stomach, or tight hips, is to follow a low-fat diet and doing plenty of aerobics. Crunches and leg raises — while straightening and building the muscles — will not make your abs appear through the layer of fat. By getting rid of the fat, your abs will show and your hips will become trim. This is also true for the rest of your body.

How long should you workout to burn fat?

An aerobic workout should last at least 12 minutes, not counting warm-up and cool down, only the time your HR (heart rate) is within your training zone. The longer and more you do this, the sooner you’ll see improvement.

Why 12 minutes?

This is the time needed for the body to produce fat-burning enzymes. It does level off though, but you want to get your body to use fat for energy. After 12 minutes you burn fat at a higher rate.