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Fact: Happiness is a key to obtaining long-lasting results. Finding your heart’s desire and connecting to it will put you right back on the path to success.

The human being is like a car that has two engines. One pushes forward, it is our positive aspirations, the other pulls back, it is our fears, our prejudices and false views, our doubts, and guilt.  It’s not enough that one decides to start exercising or eating well, one must commit to a multi-dimensional self-assessment and take actions to step towards applying tangible ways to bring back total health and wellness.

“When our life is lacking or is out of balance, many of us reach for spiritual substitutes as a way to alleviate or suppress our hunger for life.

Weight gain is often a consequence, along with more serious stress-related disorders such as insomnia, heart disease, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Chronic depression is also widespread in our society. Many also experience frustration, anger, disappointment, sadness, and isolation that eventually lead to total chaos if nothing is done to return to a life in balance.

These conditions and emotions are all cries for a higher quality of life, but instead of giving ourselves what we really need, we tend to find comfort and solace in foolishness and despair. The problem is that this substitution does not work. If you aren’t getting the life-energy, the love, the happiness you need, you will never be able to get enough to satisfy your hunger for life.

It’s going to require a dramatically different approach from what’s being thrown at you by the mainstream media and from the conventional health & fitness world. But I know we will succeed in working together and bring your life, health, and fitness to their optimum levels.

“Happiness is a key component in obtaining long-lasting results. Finding your heart’s desire and connecting to it will put you right back on the path to success.”

If you define yourself and your happiness in terms of material goods or other people’s opinions, or anything in the external world that is beyond your control, you will always be afraid of losing them. No one else can motivate you, you need to seek motivation within yourself, and the same holds true for finding happiness. To do that you need to shift your conscious thoughts so that you begin to feed your unconscious mind positive messages about yourself and the things that are really important to you.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice home or a fancy car, but if you think having those things is the only way for you to be happy, you’ll always be so afraid of losing them that you’ll never be able to just enjoy having them. If, on the other hand, you base your happiness on internal values, such as being a kind and loving person, seeking to make a difference in the world, living a life of integrity, you’ll know that what you have doesn’t define who you are, and you’ll actually get more pure pleasure out of having those possessions.

So, how does all this relate to your quest for achieving health and fitness? Your body is an expression of who you are and what you value. If you are like most of us, when you get up in the morning and head into the bathroom, you can’t help looking in the mirror. What are your thoughts then? Are you satisfied with what you see or would you like to lose a little bit of this or a little of that? It doesn’t matter what it is you want; what matters is that you get to the core of your desire and define your value in terms of that desire. What do you want that you don’t have now?

Call to action: Take time daily to reflect, pray, meditate and embrace the truth within you. This will put you right back on the path to long-lasting health and wellness.