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How to Help Your Child Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Mental & Emotional Effects. The Problem The COVID-19 pandemic and quarantines have brought about a tremendous sense of fear and anxiety around the world. These unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances have led to short and long-term negative psychosocial and mental health effects in children and young adults....
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There is a growing body of research showing the benefits of mindful eating. World-renowned Buddhist master, Thich Nhat Hanh, says that the root of our weight problems is what we eat every day and how we can change our own eating habits forever just by learning to pay attention and enjoy what and how we...
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It’s important to make a plan and put it into action because every step you take will put you that much closer to achieving your heart’s desire. That said, however, you may need to adjust your initial plan, just as I did when I thought I could become a gymnast without first building muscle and...
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New Book by Nordine Zouareg

Upcoming book release: Winter 2021 (SkyHorse Publishing)

Best-selling author Nordine Zouareg is back with a brand new book, coming soon in Winter 2021. Pre-order it today to secure your copy!
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